Be like the Beekman Boys

OK, so it’s not exactly the Beekman Farm, but it could be yours! You need an apple orchard/produce farm. We have one for sale. We’ve got what you need to get started here in Iowa…a house and everything. This is the house where I grew up along with my 6 brothers and sisters.

Here’s the apple orchard planted by my dad. There are over 500 semi-dwarf apple trees of over 75 different varieties.

So we don’t have goats or a llama right now, but there’s room here for them if you would be so inclined. We sell our produce all locally, mostly through the area farmers’ markets, and you could do the same. Maybe you would want to supply local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and grocery stores with some great local produce. It’s all up to you. We need someone who believes in what we do to take over our small farm and make it their own. Mom and Dad need to retire from the work of the farm, and we want to find someone to carry on what they have started.

Contact me if you want to know more…

iowaorchard {at} gmail {dot} com

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